Bosch Car Service

The manager and the mechanics of the divisions have been participating in all professional courses and trainings. The team is independent, there is no fluctuation. Each mechanic owns a Nissan mechanic certificate and master warrant. Being a Bosch Car Service, we are able to undertake all dealers' engine diagnosis. We carry out MOT of all makes until 3,5 tons. Our workshop is equipped with the latest high qulity technology. Furthermore, our Nissan and Bosch services issue environmental certificate. The services are equipped with the most modern running gear diagnostics (block-testing stand, shock absorber test-bed, running gear control system, dynamic tyre-balancing machine). The mechanic workshop has a body repairing frame and the body painting workshop has a completely new and modern paint booth. Therefore, we provide authorizes the customer with special discounts. We constantly inform our customers about due maintenance.

  • MOT expiration
  • Environmental certificate expiration
  • Winter upgrade
  • Discount service

KAPOS Járműgyártó és Javító Co. introduced first in Kaposvár the use of Bosch KTS650 instrument. With the help of the instrument, we can identify any alarm message without unnecessary tests. The instrument is indispensable in issuing environmental certificate.