The Kapos Járműgyártó és Javító  Corporation has been renewing commercial vehicles, coaches and trailers for a long time. Our depot is located by Road 67 in the Northern part of Kaposvár. We pay attention to our surrounding and we welcome our clients in a client-centred facility. We own the right of MOT testing and a MOT test station appointed by National Authority of Transport, which provides a fast and flexible customer service. We repair all dealers' cars including Scania, Iveco, Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, Renault, MAN, Rába and IFA. We posses a significant supply of parts, and in case of purchase we are vehicles and we will do our best to find the most favourable solution. Our service includes the diagnosis and repair of commercial vehicles, coaches, and trailers independent of make and design.
Our services:

  • mechanical diagnosis
  • repair and service of trucks, lorries and coaches
  • preparing for MOT
  • MOT above 3,5 tons vehicle category
  • diamounting brake testing for ADR vehicles
  • laser axle testing and setting
  • diesel fuel system complete repair
  • repairing engines, gearshifts, differencial gear and retarders
  • vehicle diagnosis independent of make and design
  • repairing crashed vehicles with insurance administration
  • windscreen change and distribution
  • installing, certifying and setting tachographs and speed limiters
  • setting digital tachographs and data downloading
  • installing and filling up air conditioning
  • installing and maintaining driver comparment air conditioning
  • installing and repairing central lubricator system
  • distributing quality lubricants
  • repairing trailers
  • repairing bodies
  • distribution of parts (beyond open hours)
  • distribution of released parts
  • techical saving, services on night duty

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 06:00-16:00