Kapos Járműgyártó és Javító Corporation

Kapos Járműgyártó és Javító Kapos Járműgyártó és Javító Zrt.Corporation - Kapos Vehicle Manufacturing and Repairing Co. - was founder on 1st June 1997. The company's functioning stems from the work of Kapos Volán Műszaki Üzem. The factory's field of activity was continuously expanding and we were selling our innovations throughout the country.

The commitment of the management is the warrand for the continous growth. From the begining we have been constantly working to improve our technical knowledge and capacity. The manager personnel has always been chosen from graduates with high qualification. We have been the leaders of skilled worker supply and skilled worker training in Somogy County.


The process of becoming independent began in 1989 December. The successful team of the factory founded a Company Ltd.: Kapos Járműgyártó és Javító Company Ltd.

25. évforduló

Continuous development

Vehicle maintenance and repair has been expanded with part renewal and gearbox and engine renewal. We took over the loss making bus factory and the company extended their activities and raised their income. They closed each economic year with profit and invested it in expansion.

Purchase of Corporation departments

Purchasing departments created real concern and facilitated the investment of the profit in a custromer-centred expansion. Stability and diversity: since 1993 passenger car trade and service centre have belonged to our services.

Selection of business units

The part and main unit renewal activities have been changed for trade.

Independent depot

Began by purchasing estates and investments in accordance with the course of business.

The underlying system in management

The company's growth was followed by its structure revision and expansion.

Business units: