Mercantile Business Unit

 The Mercantile Business Unit  began to function in 1995. Apart from Bosch parts, we sell parts of old and new coach constructions (Credo, Scania, MAN, Mercedes, Volvo and Neoplan).

Our supply includes all products belonging to automotive industry.

  • Beral-Pagid-Frasle brake liningsFebi
  • Hengst, Mann+Hummel filters
  • Peters axle parts
  • Knorr-Wabco brake units
  • Hella lightning units
  • Sachs clutch parts
  • FAG-FTE clutch hydraulics
  • Zanetti rear-view mirrors
  • Lemförder steering and tie rods
  • Dinex exhaust pipes
  • Conti air springs
  • Haldex brake levers
  • Al-Co shock absorbers
  • Blu tachograph disks

Certain products are also available on our website: www. The warranty for our quality service is the ISO9001 quality warrant system.

Choosing our subcontractors and products, we considered quality and our slogan: Make your vehicle produce for sure!

To support it, we have chosen the primary brands of leading car manufacturing subcontractors.

We offer original MAN, Volvo and Mercedes parts at discount prices and deliver them with a short notice. From the original offer, all IKARUS parts are still available which is worth of 50 million forints. Meeting customers' requirements, we deliver originally manufactured or similar quality non-genuine parts from reliable sources.

In the spring of 2008, we began to import parts needed for midi bus transformation and we recommend them for transformation workshops and midi bus owners.

Our offer includes the following

  • Iveco, Mercedes, Fiat, Toyota, Citroen, Renault, Ford side glasse
  • Air-spring driving seatsMidibusz alkatrészek
  • Lights
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Blowers
  • Service units
  • Door operator mechanism
  • Body parts

Regarding the spare parts sold by our company, we meet the regulatory requirements.